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The Cuffing Season Cycle

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Holidays can be tough, while single, especially when your marital status is at the forefront of all the family gatherings and holiday parties.

Tips to surviving "Cuffing Season!"

Cuffing Season most often occurs during the period of Autumn and Winter, when single

people are on the hunt for more stable and reliable commitments instead of the paper bag

or flimsy affairs that are more prevalent during warmer, whimsical weather. During the

holiday infested months, we tend to reconnect with family and friends as well as attend to a

number of festivities. This infectious atmosphere can breed loneliness especially when the

images of beautiful constructed duets are being paraded in front of you in the form of

stable relationships. As a result, the quick cure to the ailment of loneliness is good sappy

movie, a frozen meal ( of countless calories) and your good warm bed ( and for the pet

lovers out there sometimes Mr. Snuffles can do the trick!)

Single life has it's ups and downs and the holidays can be a downer for some singles. Having

to explain why you're still single, who you're dating or people telling you that your

standards are way to high, can be physically and mentally exhausting. Sometimes these

things can push us into the wrong arms. Loneliness makes us more vulnerable to anything

and anybody. But don't fret I'm here to share my tips and tools on how to survive "Cuffing


1- The Text for the Ex

During the holidays is when you usually get the " Hi, stranger" text from that wayward Ex.

And yes, it can be tempting to text back. Take a pause and ask yourself " Is it worth it?" and

the answer will mostly likely be" NO" ;because if the answer was " Yes" then they wouldn't be

your Ex. Also, don't trick yourself into believing that the relationship was better that it

actually was. Unless you've had some massive brain injury, history should never be

rewritten when it comes to Ex; let's be honest.

So to avoid texting back, distract yourself by calling a friend, workout, take a walk or binge

watch a show you've wanted to see but didn't have the time. Find something else to do other

than entertaining a bad decision.

2- Team work makes the dream work

Having a great support system is so necessary around this time. Having that listening ear

and reliable person that will pull you out of your rut or slap some sense into you is

CRUCIAL. Keep people around you who care about your well being. We all need someone

we can vent to about our frustrations and not feel judged.

So if you're nervous about Thanksgiving with the family invite a friend that your family

already knows to be a buffer.

3- It's Ok to not be Ok

It's Ok to admit that you get lonely or you're not happy with your single status.

Learn to be honest with yourself because when your honest with yourself it's easier to

accept and appreciation this season of your life.


Remember being single is not a curse or burden. Singlehood comes with the benefits of

doing what you want when you want. Not answering to anyone but you. Getting to now you

better with the freedom to explore and learn new things about yourself. It's a time period

to prep for that relationship you desire but to also grow into the best version of you

everyday. So don't ever feel pressured by society, family, friends and even yourself to

get into the wrong relationship and ruin the peace and joy you have while you're single.

Until next time Happy Dating!

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