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Thanksgiving Clapback

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Single for the Holidays

I can totally see why it can be hard to face the family during the holidays. With all these holiday romantic movies and cuffing season in full effect, it's very easy to want to avoid the interrogation you might have to face during the family get together.

Facing the questions

If you're like me, I'd rather not deal with the whole "are you dating yet" or "you don't want

to wait to long and end up alone for the rest of your life" comments. At most family

functions, I get the probating questions about my relationship status. At times, I feel

complied to answer and sometimes I just avoid the question by changing the subject. But

the biggest hurdle is deciding on whether or not I will be attending just so I don't have to

deal with the drama. Although, passing up all the great food just because of a few noisy

people feels like a waste. Here are some helpful ways on surviving the questions.

1- Stay light hearted

There will always be that one family member judging you because you've decided to take

your time and not just settle. There's nothing wrong with waiting. Enjoy this time you have

and take trips, save your money and get to know you. When the time is right love will find

you and sometimes in the most unexpected places.

2- Be Confident

There are those that acting like your singleness is a terminal illness or a punishment and

it's not. It's a total and complete blessing but you must know and believe that or comments

like these will get you every single time. Be proud of your singleness. There's nothing wrong

with being single. It's a choice that you can change when the time is right for you.

3- Enjoy yourself

Life is too short to be walking around with your guard up all time about your relationship

status. Sometime you got to make funny of yourself and know that your family loves you

and only want what's best for you. Sometimes the way they show love can be a little

much but it is from the heart.

In Conclusion

Sometimes facing your family with all their questions about your love life can be very

difficult. At times, the best solutions is to run and hide and that may be necessary in some

cases. But remember tomorrow is not promised and dealing with family drama is apart of

life, we all must eventually face. Just remember don't be so easily offended, be confident

and proud of yourself, and always enjoy yourself. Because you can't get those memories

back. And family will be family.

Until next time live, love, laugh learn.

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