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Survivng Coronavirus

Even before the coronavirus epidemic, many Americans were one paycheck away from being homeless. MarketWatch stated that "Research from Federal Reserve found that 4 in 10 Americans couldn't afford a $400 emergency."

State of Emergency

I know how hard it must be to hear these statistics. In the last couple of days, a lot of people's lives have dramatically changed because of Coronavirus. So many people can't go to work, children are home from school and everyone is staying at home because of social distancing. These can be very scary times for our physical health, mental health, and financial stability but if we change our perspective. We can handle all these things in a better way. There was no way for any of us to even imagine that the virus would change our lives the way it has in the last few weeks. Our anxiety is getting the best of some of us with the purchase of so much toilet paper. With social distancing, some of us may feel more alone than we've ever had before. So many industries are being financially affected and having to let so many of their employees go and many people are out of work. There's talk of a recession and we all are pretty worried.

Help is on the way

So in this blog, I want to give you some tips and tools on how to deal with social distancing, overcoming anxiety and ways on how to make extra money.

Social distancing is a term applied to certain actions that are taken by Public Health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. In the last few weeks, a lot of major events have been canceled like NBA games, St. Patrick's Events and now going to restaurants, traveling and even leaving home has been restricted. But even with all these preventive measures, some feel lonelier than ever. Tip #1 Work through your loneliness You can work through your loneliness by Facetiming or video chatting with your friends and family. I've noticed a lot of people on social media have been creating watch parties on Facebook and Netflix. You can start a movie watch party with friends or family. Technology has allowed us to be closer than ever, even when we're not in the same room. You can start a hobby like scrapbooking, paint, knitting or learn another language. For my singles, this is a chance for you to take the time to get the know someone's intellect. Try some new dating apps and discover what you want in a partner. Lastly, take the time to get to know yourself. Time away from others can help you learn yourself.

Tip #2 Overcoming Anxiety Meditating, yoga, and prayer have always been a stress reliever for me. Learning to let go of the things I can't control and deal with the things I can. For example, we don't know what our economy or our way of living is going to look like in the next few days or even the next few months. But instead of worrying, live day by day, handling the things that you can deal with that day and the things you can't handle let go. Also, their virtual therapist that you can talk to during this very sad and frustrating time or reaching out to your local pastor.

Tip #3 Overcoming financial difficulties

I know a lot of us are pretty nervous about our financial well being but I must say that this is the best time to start learning ways to make money online. There are so many free classes online or on Youtube of people teaching you how to get started. Aside from that, I'll give you some of the ways I save and make money online. First I am a budgeter, I know that can be difficult for some people but budgeting is a necessity when trying to overcome financial difficulties.

Next are a few apps and websites I use to make extra money,

1) Ibotta, this app has saved me so much and I made money. Groceries, clothing, pet supplies — these are the purchases you make every day. When you shop with Ibotta, you’ll earn cashback whenever you shop, both online and in-store. All you need is your mobile phone or computer.

2) Survey Juvey, I love this app because you can do surveys anywhere anytime. Also after you've earned 1000 points = $10, you can cash out your earnings.

3), on this site you can so many different things like watch videos and do surveys. When you earn 500 points = $5, you can cash out your earnings.

I know that this may not sound like a lot of money but every little bit counts. Imagine what you could do with an extra $5 or $10 a day or even saving and making money when you go grocery shopping.

I hope this was helpful. Until next time still grateful, happy and healthy

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